Shaun Ruymen w/Jerzy Jung

Shaun Ruymen is a man on the move. Watching him perform, it’s not hard to imagine he’s been moving for a while. From his clear, mighty vocals to his easy swagger, Ruymen’s got the chops and the charm of a seasoned pro. In fact, anyone who’s been with him from the start will tell you “it just comes natural to this guy.” But Shaun’s is a journey financed in belief, his road paved by the kind of determination and hard work that earns an artist the respect of his peers. His live performances have been sharpened on the stage, supporting established national acts like Josh Gracin and up-and-comers like Mishka and The Right Now. Several of his songs are currently being featured in MTV’s The Real World: New Orleans and “Full of U” (Kit Hain, Kittus Music/Wild Pink), his collaboration with songwriter Kit Hain (Daughtry, Jason Castro, David Cook) can be heard in the Touchstone Pictures release You Again. Maybe because he’s an actual schoolteacher, but Ruymen’s eye for interaction is sharp. The barrier between performer and crowd simply does not exist when he is onstage. It’s through this connection with the listener that he’s able to use his energy and poignant lyrics to teach his audience a lesson in things as thoughtful as the dreams we share and the power of belief. Or something as simple as love. These are a few of the themes found on his debut EP, Luckiest Man Alive. Produced by Pat Noon (NBC Sports, Warner brothers Records), this four-song collection showcases Ruymen the writer, a style combining the roots-y Americana feel of classic James Taylor and the pop sensibility of McCartney with the contemporary styles of Jack Johnson and Jason Mraz. Right now Shaun is splitting his time touring, recording and working his organic sound into a CMJ-based radio promo with Tinderbox Music as well as offering a promotional release at For more info, check out Because when this guys moves, you won’t want to miss it.