Chris Bruni (CD Release) and Graham Brown (CD Release) Co-headliners

The current world of independent music has been blessed by the invisible hand of the internet. Today's avid music seeker has an endless number of ways to find and enjoy new music. The avenues that exist today have made it possible for music to be loved and spread without the nurture of a fancy record label or a trust fund. An artist can create and distribute completely on their own and let the listeners be the ones in control. This new frontier has given everyone a voice and each listener a sense of power, and that is a wonderful thing. At the core, however, the primal response to music remains the same. Certain songs make one "feel" certain feelings and if the music doesn't make one "feel", said music is easily forgotton. Musical trends come and go just as quickly as a popular reality T.V. show, but when a song or artist makes the listener "feel" something, it will stick with him/her forever. That is when music becomes timeless. With two critically acclaimed albums and a tireless touring regime under his belt, Singer/Songwriter Chris Bruni has built his career by creating songs that seem so familiar but yet so uniquely heartfelt at the same time. Basic chord progressions are accompanied by a vocal passion and honesty that make each new listener "feel" something. Despite the accessible songs and likeable demeanor, there is a deeper aspect of Bruni's music that create's a true environment for the listener to hear and understand a story being told. Upon first listen, it is not uncommon to try and pin-point who Bruni sounds like. Drawing comparisons to the likes of David Gray, James Taylor, Stevie Wonder, and Tracy Chapman, there is still something distinctly recongnizable about Bruni's songwriting. His turns of phrase accompanied with a one of a kind soulful tone ultimately leads the listener to come the the conclusion that "This sounds like Chris Bruni".