Victoria Spaeth, LeeAllen & Elizabeth Pugh Co-Bill

Combining elements of folk rock, soul, jazz, and blues with catchy, honest, and soulful lyrics, Victoria Spaeth and the Spaeth Cadets are taking the Philadelphia area by storm with their original and infectious tunes. "Starkly influenced by '60s folk/culture, blues, and jazz, Victoria Spaeth and the Spaeth Cadets sing and play with raw energy and unadulterated emotion. Victoria's deep, sweet vo ice, not unlike Fiona Apple's, works in tandem with electro-acoustic guitar, vocal harmony, and perhaps a saxophone or trumpet to produce this eclectic blend of folk and blues. Carol King-esque melodies, Simon and Garfunkel-tinged instrumentals, and Ani DiFranco-infused lyrics are evident in the group's sound, although they draw much inspiration from their experiences and the world around them. The Spaeth Cadets' nuanced, well-crafted tunes will not fail to touch souls and warm hearts." - Michele Zipkin, Independent Publicist/Music Writer "Somewhere between Ricki Lee Jones, and Aimee Mann, with a hint of Laura Nyro, lies a young woman, mature beyond her years. Victoria Spaeth is remarkably comfortable in her own skin- captivating as a performer and a musician. She's got miles of talent and a voice you will hear a lot more as she gains wider acclaim." - John Cecil Price, Philadelphia Booking Agent