Fred Eaglesmith’s Traveling Steam Show w/Marc Berger

Acclaimed singer, songwriter and bandleader Fred Eaglesmith is a genuine iconoclast and true original. It’s the natural result of following the cue of his musical career and now 19 albums with the January 2012 release of 6 Volts. The result is one of the most fascinating and musically rewarding careers in contemporary music. As he has doggedly gone his own way as an independent musical artist, Eaglesmith has also enjoyed such high profile rewards in recent years as having his songs covered by country superstars Toby Keith, Alan Jackson and Miranda Lambert, among many other accomplishments. These days Eaglesmith is in motion most of the year from show to show in a school bus and RV that have been converted to run on both gas and used cooking oil they get from restaurants and diners along the way. The troupe pulls into campgrounds, RV parks, truckstops and WalMart parking lots to spend the night rather than in hotels, and cooks up their own feasts in the morning for breakfast. “Times are hard and things are tough for people, and we shouldn’t be riding in busses that look like bachelor apartments,” he states. As a result, ”It makes me sound like the truth when I’m up there singing because it is the truth.” It’s all part and parcel of his mission of delivering a memorable and moving entertainment experience for the masses with his band, the Traveling Steam Show. In the final analysis, it’s a simple equation. “We just play rock’n’roll,” Eaglesmith asserts. And in the process deliver music based on passion and truth, with an emotional union and a shared sense of fun. “The root of it all is my little bit of creativity, that little ball of fire inside me. I just do what feels like the truth to me. And when it feels like the truth it’s really not that hard to do or hard to listen to. Eaglesmith concludes. So he’s happily left with a decision made long ago that he continues to follow that delivers essential affirmation with every step of life he takes. “I’m gonna play good, sing good, write good and act good.”