Matt Duke

From turmoil to triumph to everything in-between, life is rich with incredible stories, provocative ideas, and Matt Duke wants to tap into it all. Ever since he began songwriting as a young teen, Duke found that no topic was too off limits, too taboo to explore, and he has welcomed each with an open mind and open heart if only to relay each through his own unique voice. From teen suicide and co nversations of abortion on Winter Child (2006), to addiction and the impish supernatural on Kingdom Underground (2008), to Sex, God, and Rock and Roll (among other things) on One Day Die (2011), Duke personalizes every moment and channels that intensity not only through the songs themselves, but on stage as well – endearing his audiences with tremendous performances and an almost heart-breaking vulnerability. He also plays well with others – be sure to check out When I Stop Running (2011) with friends Jay Nash and Tony Lucca; a collection of songs with beautiful acoustic arrangements and lush vocal harmonies throughout. And while it is rumored that Matt Duke owns the only living Bali Tiger still left in existence, he is a man of few secrets and little appetite for the extravagant lifestyle one might assume a singer/songwriter to have.