Elliott Murphy & Normandy All-Stars w/ Scott Kempner

More then thirty-five years have passed since the release of Elliott Murphy's ground-breaking first album Aquashow in 1973 (recently declared an Album Classic by the UK's prestigious UNCUT magazine) and since that time Elliott Murphy, singer-songwriter, rock troubadour, indefatigable road warrior (over 100 shows a year!) and prolific author of fiction has once again proven his dedication to his music and his commitment to his growing legion of fans with the release of his new CD Notes From the Underground featuring eleven new Elliott Murphy songs (five of which are co-written with long-time guitarist Olivier Durand. The album is already being hailed as his best in a decade (All Music Guide). Aside from Elliott’s French guitarist extraordinaire Olivier Durand Notes From the Underground features keyboardist Kenny Margolis (Willie Deville, Cracker) and Murphy's touring band of drummer Alan Fatras and bassist Laurent Pardo as well as Elliott's son Gaspard on guitar on featured track "Frankenstein's Daughter". Born to a show business family in New York, Elliott began his career by winning the New York State Battle of the Bands in 1966 followed by a troubadour like odyssey in Europe where he played on the streets in Amsterdam, Paris and Rome including a bit part in Federico Fellini's film Roma. Returning to the US he quickly secured a recording contract and following the critical success of Aquashow came in quick succession Lost Generation (Produced by Doors producer Paul Rothschild), Night Lights (featuring Billy Joel), Just A Story From America (featuring Phil Collins and Mick Taylor) and many others albums. Highlights from recent albums include an extraordinary duet with Bruce Springsteen ("Selling The Gold") who often invites Elliott on stage with him during his European tours. Murphy is also a published author of various collections of short stories, the most recently being Café Notes (Hachette) and two novels Cold And Electric and the neo-western Poetic Justice (Hachette.) A new novel Tramps is expected in 2009. Elliott lives in Paris, France. Scott Kempner: In 1970, I see The Stooges at a small club called Ungano’s. They’re promoting their upcoming album, FunScott Kempner playing guitar for the Del-Lords House. My world is turned upside down by the possibilities they show me that Rock’n’Roll contains. The picture is getting clearer. The sculpture is taking shape. –In 1972, I join with Andy Shernoff & Ross the Boss, in a house in the middle of nowhere that becomes the laboratory that hatches The Dictators, a full-throttle, pop culture, Rock’n’Roll as lifestyle, mega-volume, high energy two guitars, bass & drums band. We add my childhood best friend, Handsome Dick Manitoba & it all comes together. We are still riding the third rail some 37 years later. I play rhythm guitar, keep that train on the tracks. I take my job very seriously.–In 1975, I become aware of Bruce Springsteen. My painting is done, the sculpture is recognizable as me. –In 1982, I hook up with Manny Caiati, Frank Funaro & Eric Ambel with the modest goal of becoming the perfect American Rock’n’Roll Band. Two guitars, bass and drums, of course. I sing, share guitar duties with Eric, and write the songs this time. In 1995, I get a phone call from my childhood hero, Dion DiMucci. He wants to start a band. Let’s do it, D. We write some songs, call Frank, & Mike Mesaros to handle bass chores, and we become Little Kings.–In 1992, I release the first of my solo albums, called TENEMENT ANGELS. I release another in 2007, called SAVING GRACE.–It’s 2009, and The Del-Lords are back together, making a new record, and about to hit the road to see what we’ve got left in the tank. Word of caution: Don’t underestimate us! Or me.